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If you have any helpful websites you could suggest it would be appreciated (NT) -- Emma, Sun, Feb 04 2018, " It's easy to find your dress listings on Gumtree, and honestly they are way overpriced.

I was wondering what is the best place to list dresses these days? Make sure you are setting a reasonable price - for dresses 8 years old I wouldn't price them over 0.00 (NT) -- hopefully you can find a buyer, Sun, Feb 04 2018, " "Absolute beginner competitions" is a little bit far.(NT) -- Good Luck., Thu, Jan 11 2018, " I believe the big school in Morriset has over 80 students !Not CLRG though, and not any kind if Irish dance I have ever seen before.(NT) -- Confused for sure., Wed, Jan 24 2018, " It also gives the dancers more opportunity to recieve awards. and even though it's over 2 days thats better than 1 12 hour day i think (NT) -- Dancer, Thu, Jan 25 2018, " Any aussies who are training overseas? , Sun, Jan 14 2018, " I would like to keep a look out for them at feises and worlds [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: Caitlin Devine just did city of Birmingham under the mulvana school Olivia Kennedy is dancing under scanlon school, Kieran Bryant with John Carey (NT) -- How good for Aussies, Sun, Jan 14 2018, " why does there have to be a particular reason?- they love irish dancing and training with an OS school provides exposure to the other side of ID that you just arent exposed to in AUS.

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